Senior Market Opportunities

Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, Final Expense


Every client over 65 needs help with Medicare and they’ll get help from someone. Why not you?

The Opportunity is Yours!

The senior market is the largest and fastest-growing market in the insurance industry.  Senior market products offer high commissions and lifetime renewals.

Medicare is not an optional product...It is required by law.




Your clients turning 65 are looking for answers and guidance as they navigate the world of Medicare. Your knowledge can guide them through the process ensuring a loyal customer for life. The iGROUP senior Markets has a Turn-Key approach to helping you find success. We can make you into a Medicare expert in a short period of time with our Exclusive Coaching Videos and Senior Markets Builder Platform. The opportunity to build a thriving Senior Markets Practice and bring added value to your clients begins today! ...Learn More

A Turnkey Platform To Get You Started Now!

We give you the support where you need it most.

If you’re an agent we have the support you need through our Senior Market Concierge Service. If you’re an agency looking for a turnkey system to create your own in-house senior market division, the Senior Market Builder ELITE program was designed for you. Perhaps you’re an agent who wants to build your own agency – well, we can help you achieve that too!  The team at iGSM has trained, supported, and developed thousands of agents and agency owners in every aspect of the senior market space for over 30 years.  Partner with us for your road to success in the senior market.

  • Marketing and Lead Systems
  • Training platform with over 70 training videos, regular webinars, and intensive training options
  • CSG Actuarial quoting tool for MedSupps, MAPDs, Final Expense and Ancillary Plans
  • Connecture AND Sunfire Medicare and PDP multi-carrier shopping and enrollment platforms
  • Top insurance carriers
  • Great commission contracts
  • A tailored plan for your success in the senior market!

Secure Your Future and Take Your Income To The Next Level